Possum removal Hobart

Emergency Possum Removal Service in Hobart

Possums, native Australian animals, are generally friendly to humans. They can infest buildings and workplaces, which can lead to health problems for the family. You should contact a professional to remove possums from your property if you notice them.

Squeak Pest Control employs a team that includes possum experts who offer the best possum removal service in Hobart. We offer safe and effective possum trapping and removal services in your locality.

Why is Possum Removal Important?

  • Possum infestations can have a significant impact on your property.
  • Possums can be a problem for your health and cause damage to your property.
  • Possum droppings may lead to flesh-eating ulcers in humans and even permanent functional disabilities.
  • In rural areas, possums prefer to live among trees. They also build nests on roofs of residential and commercial properties.
  • They will eat any food that they find in your home or office.
  • They cause foul smells and leave stains.
  • Possums are more likely to attract ticks and fleas.

Possum Removal and Trapping Treatment Hobart

It is against the law in Australia to kill ringtail possums. If you try to trap them, possums may defend their territory with sharp teeth. You should hire a possum removal Hobart expert to do this job.

Squeak Pest Control uses a four-step standardised procedure to handle possums. Customers across Hobart can get same-day possum control, emergency possum treatment, and dead possum elimination services. We work closely with the local wildlife departments to ensure that these animals are removed safely from your property.


Our expert possum catcher comes to your home as quickly as possible for emergency possum removal. We will inspect your property to see if there are any areas where these animals may be living. We will assess the severity of the infestation, the potential damage they have done, the risks they pose to you and your property, as well as how they got into your building.

We can also help you determine the type of possum living on your property. Two of the most common species of possum in Hobart are the brushtails and ringtails.

Plan for removal

Based on the information gathered during the inspection, our team members will provide a same-day removal service for possums. This plan will detail the removal process, including the time required, as well as the approvals needed from the government. Our team assesses the behaviour of possums and determines the legalities of this work.

The renewal process

Our OEH-certified specialists will remove them from your property according to the removal plan. We use safe traps to conduct our possum-trapping service. These cages are checked every morning. The possums then get released according to government guidelines.

Ongoing prevention

We will suggest some preventative methods that you can use to keep possums out of your home. These are the steps to follow:

  • To stop possums from climbing your trees, install plastic barriers
  • Close all holes that allow pests to get into your property
  • Place spikes on fences to control movement
  • Use netting to cover fruit trees and other edible plants
  • Securing pet food

How Our Team Can Help with the Removal of Possums

For both residential and commercial customers, we offer the best possum control service in Hobart.

  • OEH-certified possum catchers
  • Same-day or next-day emergency dead possum removal service
  • Affordable rates and upfront quotes
  • Possum trapping services available throughout Hobart
  • Eco-friendly service
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it possible to bring the possum along?

Possums can cause injury to you and your family, transmit diseases, damage your home, or destroy anything in your basement. Because these animals can be difficult to control, regulations were set to protect them. It is against the law to kill or harm them. Possum removal companies are the best choice for it.

Q2. What are the differences between a Rat and a Possum?

Both possums and rats have long, hairless tails. Although rats can be both diurnal and nocturnal, possums tend to be nocturnal. Possums can be herbivores, and omnivores. However, omnivorous rat species are found in Australia.

Although rat species are found all over the world, possums can only be found in Australia. The claws of rats are sharper than those of possums. Rats are adaptable and can live in almost any environment. Semi-arboreal possums live in trees. However, this is not always the case. They can often be found near woodlands.

Q3. Is it possible for possums to cause damage to your ceiling and roof?

Yes, possums and rats can chew through roof cables. If they build nests on your roof, it is important to replace the insulation. It can be damaged by repeated urine. The urine can seep through the ceiling and cause damage. If you find a possum infestation, please feel free to consult with our experts.