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Quick Borer Control Team In Perth

We at Squeak Pest Control provide the best borer control services. Our services are very popular in Perth and its suburbs. Borers, also known as wooden borers, stay in the wood. Eventually, they damage the furniture or wood completely. Hence, it is not safe to have them at home. Hire our professionals to get rid of them from your house. We provide quick and effective borer control services all over Perth. We also take care of the safety and sanitize the whole area after borer control. So, if you notice any such pest infestation, call us right away.

Borer Control Perth
Borer Control Perth

Effects of Borers on Economy and Health

Borers are also known as wood borers. They live in the wood. Here is the list of few borer effects on humans and their lives:

  • Borer damage the structural timber. 
  • They damage the furniture and wood fittings.
  • They infect and attack the sapwood and the hardwood. They lay their eggs on the wood. 
  • Some borers also attack wood and bamboo.
  • It’s common to have them in hardwood at new homes such as window frames, door, panelling, plywood and flooring. 
  • Some of the borers also infest the vascular bundles and lower branches of trees.
  • It also attacks agriculture and forestry. 
  • Borer attack in transport and storage and transport.

Signs of Borer Infestation

  • Fungus Presence –If you see any fungus on the furniture then it happens due to the larvae of furniture. It is a sign of borer infestation.
  • Moisture in The Room –If there is any moisture in the room then it is possible to have wood borer infestation.
  • Damaged and Weak Floorboards– When you see a weak and damaged leg of any chair on the floor. Then it is natural that borer has made the floorboards weak.
  • Crumbled Wood –If you see any crumbled wood around the roof, floorboards and corners. Then there is a chance that your place has wood borer infestation. 
  • Dead Beetles –You will see dead borers near the window sills and infested timber. 
  • Larvae of Worms –These are creamy and white in appearance and they are in a curved shape. You can easily recognize them.

Our methods of Borer Control Perth

  • Insecticides – Our cleaners use insecticides and spray chemicals to control borers. They mix water and timbor for this method. Our cleaners also use bora care for effective results and these insecticides prevent all the borers.
  • Fumigation – Fumigation is complex and expensive. This method needs proper knowledge and experience and for this method contact professional experts. Professionals at Squeak Pest Control Perth can give you a borer free environment.

You can easily control the border with the above-mentioned methods. If you are unable to control borer with our methods then contact our professional controllers.

Residential and Commercial Borer Control in Perth

Residential as well as commercial premises can get attacked by the borer easily. Their presence at your place will lead to several types of damages as well as health issues. To avoid all these mishaps at your place you need to free your place from these harmful pests. We know it’s not easy for you to treat them and eradicate them forever. Thus you can take the help of professional borer controllers from Squeak Pest Control. We have several teams of professionals to deal with this pest called Borer.

Borer Control Service
Borer Control Service

Why Choose Us For Borer Control Perth?

Squeak Pest Control is trustworthy and locally-owned firm and delivers the best borer control services. We are expert in providing the borer control services in offices as well as in homes. Our controllers deliver excellent customer service.

  • Over a Year of Experience
  • High powered machinery and effective solutions
  • 24*7 service
  • 100% satisfaction 
  • Expert and Licensed controllers
  • Quick and safe service
  • Effective and amazing results
  • Emergency and weekend pest control service

Professionals controllers can give you a borer free environment. Reach us to avail our services on the same day of booking.

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