Ants – 3 Ways To Keep Them Out Of Your Kitchen

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Ants are creepy crawlers that are very small in size. A colony can be large in size. In the search of water, when the weather is dry outside these ants enter your house and as the well known proverb says “ANTS AT A PICNIC’, which is actually a real mess and full nuisance to the house, specially the kitchen area and your own house nursery. Ants can be identified by their elbowed antennae and indifferent node- like structure forms their slender waists.

Discover How And From Where The Army Of Ants March To Your Kitchen

Spilled Food – Let’s recall the moment, when you were preparing coffee some sugar granules were spilled on the worktop of the kitchen. This is going to be the alluring time for the army of ants, until the pieces were mopped up. Ants can enjoy their party time, now if you really want to determine if you have ant problems and from where they are coming, you must watch where they go after having the particles of sugar. Ants can be easily traced near trash dumping areas, under the basin and broken flooring.

3 Ways To Say Goodbye To Ants Using Home Remedies

Split The Army – If you trace a single ant around, it’s that it must be on scouting. Ants usually follow each other. To remove the trail, try to split the colony with a home remedial suggestion , prepare a mix of one part of vinegar and three parts of water and sprayed on them

Keep The House Clean – You usually take least interest in the last task i.e. cleaning. Before going to bed you must be clear in mind to clear the spread outs of food from the working top, floors and the sink shouldn’t be full of used utensils. Seal off all the entry points to stop them right away. Their travelling areas need to be maintained on a regular basis.

Ant Nests – The place where ant lives are formed in a way that it is risk free of rains. To divide them in number, you can use boiled water too. The area spotted with ant mounds can be treated using this method. Ants might not get vanished but definitely decrease in count.

Seal off all the entry points to stop them right away. Their travelling areas need to be maintained on a regular basis.

Enjoy Your Time At Your Home With Our Professional Ant Control Services

Professional Ant Control Services

If a family stays together it’s always a picnic time. With the help of such basic home caring solutions you can enjoy the ‘NO ANTS IN YOUR PANTS” moments with your friends and family. In any case, if you are stuck in your busy schedule, you can contact our expert team for departing ants from your house. You can contact our professional ant controllers team at Squeak Pest Control. We offer Professional Pest Control service and are available round the clock. We try our best to resolve your ant problem in a hygienic way. So do not hesitate and call us today.