How To Determine If You Have An Ant Problem

No matter how much ever you are careful but ants can find a way to enter your place and infest it. Ants get easily attracted to sweet items present in your kitchen or sometimes to dead insects, so you have to be careful. If you do not keep pests away from your home immediately then they will increase in numbers soon. You will find a big ant infestation at your place which needs professional help to control. These nasty creatures bite you and leave red marks on your skin. They do not just spread several allergens but are also responsible for damaging properties. So you are supposed to treat them as soon as possible once you notice them. Many owners have no idea on how to identify the ant infestation. Below are a few signs which indicate that your place has ants.

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Signs To Identify The Ant Problem

  • Sound From The Walls: To identify the ant problem, the best thing you can do is listen to your walls. You can hear some hollow sound from the walls, which means that ants are making their home inside. These ants are known as carpenter ants which are usually active at night time. So you can catch them by knocking on your walls in the night time.
  • If Your Food Is Spread Over: Another way to identify an ant problem is to see your food getting disturbed. Ants take your food away and also spread it around. There are times when you forget to cover the food and these crawling creatures get easily attracted to them.
  • Damp Area: The wood furniture gets damaged due to a damp environment or humid. The ants love these kinds of wood and are usually found crawling around. So if there is a damp area then there are chances of an infestation.
  • Colony Building: Ants usually create a colony in your home. Within no time, they build their colony which leads to huge ant infestation. You can easily guess that there is an ant problem in your house when you see an ant colony in your residence or business place.
  • Wood Shavings: Wood shaving is also an indication of the ant problem. Without your notice, the ants start shaving the wood and soon you can notice the damage. If you find a wood shaved in your place, then without a doubt there is an infestation at your place.

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