Is Spraying For Bugs Safe For Pets?

Is Spraying For Bugs Safe For Pets

Pests can be so troublesome at home. They bring in so many infections and diseases. Your family and pets are at a great risk around them. Therefore, it becomes necessary to get pest control regularly. Bugs are one of the most common pests at home. Sometimes we worry about the chemicals used in these sprays and pesticides. Thus, definitely pets are at a risk. But if taken proper precautions and care, you can avoid these bad consequences. 

How are pests at risk? 

Most pest control companies use less harmful chemicals. But some sprays that we use at home or the pesticides used by professionals can be harmful. Pets like cats and dogs are used to smelling around at homes. When we use pest controlling sprays there is a possibility that they inhale these chemicals. It also gets absorbed inside the skin. Furthermore, this can create problems if the chemicals are toxic. Therefore, animals are at risk to some extent. Thus, pets are safe around bug sprays only if you are responsible about it. 

How to keep pets safe around bug sprays 

Here are some tips for safe pest control at home 

  • Knowledge about safe pest control products – Be aware about the products used to keep pests away from your home. Also look at the chemicals list in the bug sprays at home. Here are some of the eco friendly pet safe products:
  1. Diatomaceous earth 
  2. Nematodes 
  3. Citrus oil extracts 
  4. Ultrasonic repellers 
  5. Organic ingredients can never go wrong 
  • Keep pests away during pest control – This is a very crucial step to take. If you have called a pest control company at home, keep your pets in a different place for a while. You can give them to your neighbours or take them out for an hour or so. Therefore, your pets won’t be exposed to freshly used pesticides at home. 
  • Choose an eco friendly pest control company – It is very important to choose a company that listens. Make sure your pest control team is comfortable sharing information about the pesticides used. Speak to the technician and request for pet friendly pesticides. An experienced technician can definitely solve and answer all your queries. Therefore, choose wisely. 
Eco friendly pest control
  • Precautions for fishes and bird pets – If you own a fish tank or a bird cage at home, inform the pest controller before itself. Cover the tank with a thick covering on top. Keep the birds in a different place for a while.
  • DIY Pest control – If you decide to do pest control on your own make sure to read labels. 

Looking for an eco friendly pest control company ? 

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