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Rat Control Service

Every home has some cracks and holes unnoticed. Those are the entry gate for the Rats and Mice. Take care to seal the cracks of the walls and holes in the floor to prevent the entry of the rats and rodents. The rats can squeeze their bodies and able to get in through the small gap in the wall or a crack in the floors and foundations. 

To know if your home is under the influence of rats and rodents, we suggest you go for a rodent pest control solution for a pest inspection. 

A stitch in time saves nine. Prevention is always better than cure. You need to identify if you have a Rat infestation in your premise first. A professional Rat infestation service begins its pest removal sessions from pest inspection services. Early detection can save you from a vast future disaster. That is the reason a pest detection services are highly recommended to be followed for at least once a year even though you do not find any rat at your premises.

Rat Control Service
Rat Control Service

The Rat Infestation

It has been seen that rats and rodents come in groups. They stay for a long time in the same place. They do not need much food to survive. They come in search of food to your place and stay as long as they find your home a safe and warm place to live.

To prevent the entry of rats to your place be very careful with the old cracks and gaps in the wall. Rats and rodent have a flexible body can adjust through holes much smaller than it appears. Very skillfully they squeeze their body and capable of fitting through gaps in windows or ceilings. 

Rats can multiply in a very short time. Their population may reach to 200 specimens in a single month only.

Measures to Be Followed

Be careful, rat and rodent carry bacteria that are the main reason of transmitting several serious diseases. 

Take Care of The Following Measures to Be Implemented:

  • All the drainage pipes, bathtub drains and sink should be sealed properly to discourage the entry of rats. 
  • Seal every big and small opening in the wall and ceiling of your house.
  • No food should be left in the kitchen after the eating session is over. 
  • Clean the kitchen floor and bins before you go to bed. 
  • Foodstuffs should be kept carefully in airtight containers
  • The kitchen platform along with the cooking gas should be cleaned with a detergent every night.

Do not panic if you find a rat infestation in your house. We highly recommend you not to deal with the matter on your own. The consequences can be fatal. Your cleaning process may lead to spreading of harmful bacteria and airborne particles. Take the assistance of a good Pest Control Melbourne Professional for help and suggestions. They know the best way to deal with the issue. 

Expert Rat Control Service
Expert Rat Control Service

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