What rats like in your house?

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When I have quoted, what a rat like in your house. I don’t mean that they like you. I want to clarify, that mouse is interested in their own species. They’re considered as most important mammals to study, scientific hypothesis. Without them it was hard to understand genetic science, you probably know all this. But the point of mentioning this information is that you’re dealing with the most important pest around. They, chew, excrete and make our homes dirty, everyone on this planet who live in a house want to get rid of them. The reason why rats are in your house is that they found food, warmth and shelter. Moreover, in this article you’ll read, what are the things which attract mouse, to join you.

The hidden and dark places in your home

A mouse is a nocturnal creature, thus they prefer dark places. And if it’s hidden, they might choose the place as their sweet home. The places also safe to breed and multiply their population, a mouse can give birth 10 times every year, each time with 5 to 6 babies. And these babies start reproducing in six weeks. This is why their infestation spread rapidly.

Food and water

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After finding the shelter, they’ll go for the second most important thing. Which is important to survive, food. To look for food, rats will roam here and there in your house. That’s when you see them most of the time. Water, on the other hand, is easily available and can be managed easily in a house. For food rats will usually come to the kitchen and pick up left food in a sink and other places.


They’ll find whatever thing to shreds and then use it to make their nest. They can also bite or chew off other important things, such as wood, plastics or wire. Mouse do that because they have to keep their teeth in shape. Their teeth are keep growing throughout their lifetime, so they have to maintain their teeth.

 pest control in your home

There are several ways to control them. You can set up a trap to catch them and then throw out of your home. And to avoid them from coming again in your home, you can seal places where the rat enters. They don’t need much space to enter your premises, a small pencil like a hole is enough for a rat to enter. So, if you seal the places, you can really stop them coming. Squeak Pest Control is expertise in removing rat and eliminating rat infestation in offices, homes, yard and factories. You can call on our numbers to for pest control in your home. Rat control is a common problem in Brisbane and Australia, our mission is to eradicate the species from your home and control rat infestation.