How to Remove Wasp Nests

Remove Wasp Nest

Many people get scared of taking the name of wasp. Hence they are the good insects responsible to maintain the harmony in the environmental food chain linear network. You can find more than 30,000 Species of an identified wasp on the planet. Only a few of them we found at our home and garden.

Remove Wasp Nest
Remove Wasp Nest

Wasp Nest Removal Technique

Attempt removing wasp nests only if you have the proper knowledge to deal with the matter. Here we suggest a few techniques of removing wasp nests. Handle it with care and utmost diligence. Ensure wearing protective clothing, gloves and a mask for your protection.

Plain Soap and Water Solution:

The most environmentally-friendly method of removing wasp nest without using pesticides to kill them is the plain soap and water trick. It has no danger. You can make the required solution by adding two tablespoons of dish soap with some amount of water. Pour the soap and water solution to a spray bottle and spray directly to the hanging nests of the insect. This trick makes them die instantly as soap clogs their breathing spores.

Smoke Them Out:

The ultimate option is to Smoke them out to get rid of the wasp infestation. Just light a fire immediate below the wasp nest. The smoke produced from the buildup fire will rise up and seep into the wasp nest making them suffocate to breathe. This is a sure shot technique which forces the insects to evacuate the place in no time. Allow the fire to play for a couple of hours to ensure the entire wasp to move the location. You can use the soap and water spray at the same time on the remaining wasp if any for the complete wasp control. The firing process is only applicable to the wasp nest hanging on the trees. Do not apply the method on the nest which is near to your home. The home can catch the fire accidentally.

Wasp Pest Control
Wasp Pest Control

Hire a Professional Wasp Nest Removal Service to Get Rid of The Wasp Menace

We warn all the homemakers not to attempt to remove the wasp infestation on your own. The consequences can be fatal. You may land up with some serious issues. The wasp can sting. Persons allergic to wasp stings should not try to remove a wasp nest. Just take the assistance of Cheap Pest Control in Brisbane and nest removal services. The wasp nest removal professional has all the skill and experience to handle the wasp infestation at your home, garage, basement, children’s play area or corridor.

A wasp can be very dangerous when you try to attempt removing their nest. Do not take the risk. Shift the task to us. We the Squeak Pest Control are the best wasp control solution to help you out from your home wasp infestation. Say goodbye to the wasp. Just call us to get our expert pest control services. We are affordable. You will get the value for your money along with a great mental peace for sure.

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